Reasons to be Cheerful

In Blog Comment on August 18, 2011 at 3:11 pm

After reading this blog post http://www.beerbirrabier.com/2011/08/are-you-positive.html on Beer.Birra.Bier I thought I would get down my thoughts on the important balance between positive and negative.

As a relative newby to the beer blogging community it takes time to settle in and develop a writing style that is comfortable yet insightful. When starting out in the quest to document your beer experiences it is easy to concentrate on everything that you love about the subject. This is certainly how I have started in my first posts. I don’t think this is a bad thing at all, writing about the positive gives you a chance to settle in and gain confidence through writing something up- beat. Writing about negative elements of your passion is a much harder task and I believe takes a lot more skill.

Although it is a lot harder to criticize it is a necessary part of commentary. Although criticism is needed it can come in many forms. A well informed and insightful criticism can turn out to be more beneficial than just commenting on how great everything is.  Constructive criticism is the key and writing a post that points out failings and suggests improvements requires knowledge of the subject and writing skill to articulate your ideas in equal measure.

Focusing on the good things about beer is of course the reason why we are passionate about the subject. It is also important that when and if people read our blogs they can share in the enthusiasm we have for all things beer. Being able to be critical is a challenge that I need to work on in my writing but I don’t think it is something to scared of.

Generally people are pretty smart; a set of posts about great beer doesn’t necessarily mean a leap to the conclusion that bad beer is non-existent. I agree with what is said in the aforementioned blog post but would say developing a level of constructive criticism is the key to ‘negative’ blog posts.

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