What’s In The Fridges?

Welcome fellow beer geeks to our shiny new blog. As the paint starts to dry and the dust begins to settle we here at inthefridges would like to outline our intentions.

As a collective of people who work in the bar industry and are self confessed beer geeks we would like to share some of our knowledge, insight and access to the delicious beer we drink, buy and sell.

Why In The Fridges?

One of the driving forces to start this blog, aside from the fact we wanted a place to share our ‘hobby’ with other like-minded connoisseurs of everything beer, is our seemingly  never ending quest to find out what our favourite haunts have In Their Fridges!

A love of all things bottled has led us to believe a clear, informative, accessible blog which addresses the ever growing craft bottled beer revolution was needed. We will endeavour to bring you an up- to-date view from the front line of the craft beer scene which takes in our favourite new and exciting bottled beers.

Clear reviews of the beers we drink is essential. Comparisons to other beers which are similar to give our readers points of reference when discovering new brews will hopefully make our blog accessible to all levels of the revolution.

Favourite bars, bottle designs and drinking trends will not be ignored either as we attempt to give a rounded view of our craft beer world.

Thanks for reading and we hope you join us as we discover what’s InTheFridges!

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