Magic Rock – Rapture

In Beer Review on August 15, 2011 at 7:52 pm

We have all marvelled at the good looking branding from this Huddersfield brewery but lets have a little taste because as we all know it is what lies within that counts. Up for review is Rapture – red  hop ale 4.6%.

Magic Rock are a brewery inspired by the craft beer scene of America and it is clear for all to see and taste. Bold label designs and beers embracing the hop flavour that the US  is famous for. But can this inspiration be turned into great tasting beer and not just be an imitation of the brewery’s idols.

Magic Rock -Red Hop Ale. An amber red beer fills the glass with a slight off white head to top things off. The colour is deep and bright, evocative of autumn leaves. The first tastes are all about the hops, citrus and fresh. The finish is clean, crisp and slightly dry leading to the need for another sip.

This beer is as refreshing as any I have tasted. But this is not the only level this beer succeeds in. It has a rich flavour base that makes you want to try and name all the different notes within.

If I were to compare this to other bottles in the fridges I would point to Odell’s red (for obvious reasons), Hardknott’s Infra Red (a Stronger deeper cousin) and Goose Island’s Honkers Ale (for balance and freshness).

Same but different is what is stated on the label and I think that is about right. The inspiration that has been taken from the US is just that and has not turned into an imitation. This beer is brilliant and although it has been born out of a love of US craft it is definitely some of the best BRITISH craft available.

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